• City : Bordeaux - France
  • Style : Mental Tekno
  • Type perfomance : Live
  • Label : Dementors Unity
  • Instagram : www

Latentek, a Bordeaux artist lulled by music since his childhood, discovered underground tekno culture in 2016.
Curious, he decided to start producing music in 2017.

His influences draw their origins from all types of music : instrumental rap of all kinds, bass music, film music, rock and new metal.

Moving from Hardcore to Acidcore, he now offers Tekno with a dark and industrial atmosphere.

Its lively productions will guarantee a most obscure journey for everyone.
Don't miss Latentek's set if you are a fan of fat and punchy kick/bass, variations on many styles. 



  1. TBA


The site did not exist in 2023.

He probably has dates this year with us