Onyxiom, is a booking & events agency founded by two friends who share a common passion and have helped each other for more than three years :

Bandjofox founder of the UNSR label, Dementors Unity, Hubtekno, Onyxiom Agency and co-founder ofOnyxiom Events.

Biomystic artist and sound engineer at UNSR, founding principal of Onyxiom Events.

Together, they forged their vision of tekno music and underground events, guided by their determination to support and promote artists on the scene.

As a booking agency, we put our expertise and network at the service of emerging and established artists, helping them find performance opportunities that match their style and artistic vision.

Beyond booking, we are event creators, doing everything we can to design immersive and memorable experiences for fans of electronic & tekno music.

Join us on our adventure where collaboration and passion are at the heart of everything we do.

With Onyxiom, immerse yourself in a universe where tekno music resonates and where each event is a new adventure of creativity and community.