• City : Bordeaux (France)
  • Style : Rawstyle
  • Type perfomance : Djset 
  • Label : UNSR
  • Instagram : www

Immerse yourself in the wild universe of Hidden Beast, a rawstyle whose name evokes the savagery and mystique of werewolf legends.

On stage, Hiddean Beast embodies the perfect fusion of man and beast, unleashing raw energy and indomitable power through his electrifying sets.

Each mix is a celebration of raw strength and primal instinct, where deep bass resonates like the growls of a hungry predator and hypnotic melodies capture the mind like a call of the wild.

His rawstyle style is a veritable storm of sound, transporting the audience into a parallel world where frenetic pulsations and merciless rhythms dictate the dance.

With a magnetic presence and wild aura, Hidden Beast draws crowds to the dead of night, where madness and freedom reign supreme.

Hidden beast is part of the UNSR label and the booking and events agency Onyxiom Agency. 



  1. TBA


The site did not exist in 2023.

He probably has dates this year with us